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The newsreels are dead. We’ve bored the public for too long. Give me this opportunity and I’ll prove it. But may I say one more thing—you haven’t seen my best yet.

Xavier Dolan for Vogue Hommes 

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let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes // we’re on fire, we’re on fire, we’re on fire now // if this room was burning i wouldn’t even notice // i will carry you over fire and water for your love // don’t burn out // baby we’re fireproof


NES Style “Twin Peaks” Intro

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He just needs to be loved.

I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore.


I need to have as much wild sex as possible so one day I can become an inappropriate old lady that blurts out things like “when I was your age I got a concussion after being bent over a desk” and then my family can be like “grandma please, you’re making easter dinner really uncomfortable” and it’ll be great

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watch shameless meme [4/7 ladies]: Karen Jackson

"That’s right. It’s all an act."

Ashton + warm//cool colors

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i often confuse my gaydar with my overpowering pleasebegaydar

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